We do actively engagement with clients to recognize their needs and requirements.

Quality Products

We deliver high quality machinery/ products to meet the customer need and requirements.


We are providing development opportunities to our employees as well as clients.

Career Building

We are build intellectual capital by hiring and retaining quality people and rewarding performance.

Who We Are

Gold Access HK Limited is your first choice for all your requirements regarding woodworking and construction Machinery. We are actively engage with customers to understand and focus on their needs and requirements.


We continuously supply the superior quality machinery to our clients while continuously improving our administrative efficiency.


We support creativity and improvement in our work to overcome problems, meet business goals, and improve our services.


We actively work and take actions according to policies to complete goals, customers satisfaction, and support each other.


We run our business under with the highest standards of ethics and honesty through keeping promises, taking responsibility, and honoring commitments with our customers and our employees.

Care and Safety

We are providing security and safety to our employees and clients.


We empower our employees with the appropriate authority to take ownership of their area of responsibility.

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