A new book by a black woman in New York City has been praised for helping to open up the conversation about how black women in America are treated and how we as a society are complicit in this treatment. 

Nomi Woods’ Black Women: Black Women and Black Stories in the American South has a subtitle that suggests she is the author, but she is actually a black man.

Woods is the co-author of the book, which has been described as “a brilliant, provocative and very honest examination of the many ways in which women of color experience oppression and oppression-related violence in the United States.”

She is the former editor-in-chief of the magazine Black Women, which was founded in 1993 and was the first of its kind to be published by the Black Women’s Media Center (BLMC).BLMC, which is a national nonprofit that supports black women writers and artists, publishes several anthologies of essays and poems that explore black women’s experiences.

The book’s title is fitting because Woods’ work is about how our society treats black women.

Woods said she wanted to write about black women because she was “so uncomfortable” when her first book, The Black Woman, was rejected by publishers.

“There was no acknowledgment of the fact that there were women who had been there and felt the same way I felt,” Woods said.

“I was just so uncomfortable with the idea that there was not more conversation about this.”

Woods was born in Atlanta and grew up in a small town in upstate New York.

As a child, she was always a social outcast, and her family felt excluded by the local school system.

Woods has said she was bullied in elementary school and that her family suffered from “stigma” and “hatred.”

She said that while she felt “like a monster,” she wanted “to be a good kid” and that she would never do anything to harm anyone.

Woods began her writing career when she was 15 years old and has since published two poetry collections and a short story collection, including her acclaimed debut collection, Black Women.

The title of the anthology comes from a poem Woods wrote about being bullied in school.

“When I was little, you’d make fun of me for my hair and my skin, and it was like you could tell my whole personality was on the line,” she said in a statement.

“You’d always say I was a monster, like a monster with a badge on my chest.

But when you saw the book cover and read the words, ‘Black Women: A Poem,’ it made me cry.

Black women have been marginalized, but it’s so hard to feel that way when you are in the presence of a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman.”

Woodens said that the anthology’s title was meant to honor the work of the women in the book and to highlight the ways in that literature is a representation of a larger narrative.

“My intention was to create a space where you could talk about how you are a part of a wider black community, and how your stories are shared and supported,” Woods explained.

“And I wanted to do that through poetry.”

The anthology includes a number of essays, poems, and short stories.

The work includes some of the most poignant accounts of black women, including one by a former slave named Bessie Jenkins.

She wrote about the death of her mother, her father, and the deaths of her two brothers.

Woodens told The Hill that Jenkins’ story resonated with her because it’s “about black people who have suffered violence and abuse.”

She said that she wanted the book to include other black women who were also living in the same situation.

“I think we need to talk about other black woman’s experiences,” Woods told The Washington Post.

“There are so many black women that are just not being heard and not being represented, so that’s why this book is important.”

She added that the book is also a call to action because “it’s not just about women of colour, it’s about the black experience as a whole.”

In a statement to The Hill, the editors at BLMC said that Woods is a “strong writer and a leader in her field” and she is “fully committed to the work that she’s doing.”

“We’re so proud to be working with Nomi Woods on her book, and hope you’ll be as too,” the BLMC statement said.

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