NEW YORK — Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco and the University at Buffalo found that placing wooden shelf blocks over the heart can prevent heart attacks, stroke and other heart problems.

They also found that they could prevent a condition known as coronary artery disease, which can affect the heart.

In a new study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers used the heart and its blood vessels to create a virtual replica of the heart, using a computer simulation software to simulate the flow of blood.

The researchers found that the wooden block could block blood vessels and reduce heart attacks.

“We’re trying to understand how a wooden block might affect blood flow,” said Dr. David A. Rosenbaum, the lead author of the study and a professor of medicine and medicine science at UC San Francisco.

He added that the findings “make it very clear that these are really important things to do.”

Researchers from the University Health Network, a non-profit organization in New York City, used an artificial heart to simulate how the heart works and then used the model to create wooden blocks.

They then placed the blocks over an array of artificial heart valves that controlled the flow and pressure of blood into the heart as it pumps oxygen into the lungs.

The heart valve controls blood flow in the lungs by pumping oxygen into blood vessels that fill the lungs, according to the Heart Foundation.

When the valve closes, blood exits the lungs and travels to the heart to be stored in the heart’s chambers.

Rosenbaum and his colleagues were able to show that using wooden blocks over a heart valve reduced the risk of heart attacks by 60% compared to using natural wood or synthetic wood.

They also created the wooden blocks by placing pieces of wood in the hollows of artificial valve pylons and then placing the pieces over wooden blocks in the same fashion.

Once the researchers had the heart valve filled with artificial blood and oxygen, they inserted wooden blocks into the valve and watched the heart beat.

The wooden blocks blocked blood vessels, but did not reduce heart rate or the size of the valves.

They also did not cause blood to drain from the valve.

Rosenbach and his team plan to study other areas in the cardiovascular system in which wooden blocks can help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Previous studies have shown that the heart is a highly reactive organ that needs to be protected from damage by other tissues, such as blood vessels.

He said he hopes that with future research, these studies will show that wooden blocks could also prevent the heart from becoming a valve for the lungs to get oxygen to the body.

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