When Tiger Woods crashed and burned on the tee of the 12th hole during the 2014 Masters, he wasn’t exactly in control of his swing.

Woods was unable to maintain the proper angle for a shot and fell to the ground, his right arm caught in the tree trunk.

Woods went to the doctor to get his arm reattached.

When he returned home, Woods had a broken arm.

It took months of rehab before Woods could hit the greens again.

Now, Woods is back in the swing.

He’ll play the Masters in a few weeks, and he’s got plenty to prove.

Woods took a few shots on the 16th tee during the first round of the Masters, but they weren’t great, and his swing wasn’t quite as good as he wanted it to be.

He made just four of his first eight shots.

The next four were bad.

Woods ended up hitting just three of his last 10 holes, with his best showing coming on the 14th hole.

His biggest mistake came on the 18th hole, when he lost the ball with a bad spin and landed awkwardly in the trees.

Woods didn’t think much of the mishap until he came home and saw the damage.

He said, “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m not doing this again,'” Woods said.

Woods has been working on his swing for the past year.

“I’m not trying to get better or anything, just get back to where I was,” Woods said after the Masters.

The first step is to get back in control, Woods said, and the next is to learn how to hit the right way. “

So that’s where I am.”

The first step is to get back in control, Woods said, and the next is to learn how to hit the right way.

Woods also needs to get stronger, so he can hit the tee more effectively and hit his drives farther.

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