Smaller than a matchbox and almost as lightweight as a pack of cigarettes, the wood stove may seem like a throwback to the days of coal-burning stoves.

But if you’ve got an extra 10-20 minutes, you can take a look at the best small wood stoves on the market today.

The Best Small Wood Stoves You Can Buy Now Small wood stove This stove, made of a small metal alloy, is a bit like an old-school electric stove.

But it’s also lighter than an ordinary wooden stove, and can be built into smaller compact units, like the ones shown below.

Smallest wood stove on the Market Today This wood stove, shown here, is about the size of a regular charcoal grill.

The design is also fairly compact, and makes it possible to stack it in the back of a car, or in a backpack or tent.

It’s about the weight of a standard 10-gallon gas can, and weighs around two pounds, or about the same as a small stove.

Small wood stove with a small cooking area (Image: Mashable)The Best Small wood Stoves That Can Be Built into a Small Pack The smallest wood stouters we tested weigh just over a pound, and measure roughly 4.5 inches tall by 2.5-inches wide by 1.5 feet deep.

And that’s not including the weight and weight capacity of the charcoal grill you’ll be using to cook.

This wood stoke has a single burner that can be used to cook just a couple of minutes of cooking, or for up to two hours of cooking time.

It can also be used as a stovetop heater.

You can even take advantage of the heat from a wood stove by cooking your own food in it, since it’s a relatively simple stove.

For this stove, you’ll need to add about 5 to 10 pounds of charcoal, and up to 1,500 pounds of water.

There are two types of wood stooks that you can buy today.

One type is made by a company called Roloff, which makes large, light, and portable stoves like this one.

These stoves are typically much cheaper than small wood roasters.

Roloffs newest model, the Roloflex, has a slightly larger capacity and is more expensive.

It has a capacity of 2,500 lbs and a weight of around 3 pounds, but its capacity and weight are slightly more than double that of the smaller Rolon wood stokers.

Another brand, Rolosmart, also makes small wood firestopper stoves, but they’re much heavier than the smaller wood roaster stoves we tested.

Both brands use a single-burner design, which means you’ll burn your food over multiple hours.

They also don’t use charcoal, but use a combination of charcoal and wood chips.

ROLoFSmart is the most affordable, but their smaller version, the Sola, has more cooking space than the ROLoflex.

The Sola is about 3 pounds lighter than the bigger Rolons and can also cook more than three hours of food.

We tried both types of stoves today, and they both performed similarly.

The best wood stopper we tried is the Rolo, which is a solid, solid fire starter.

It uses a single burner and holds enough charcoal to cook for up 10 hours, and is priced at around $180.

But Rolo is only available in the United States, and the company doesn’t offer an online store for the stoke.

If you’re looking for a more portable, portable stove, look for the Spark stove, which can be bought for $40.

It comes with an adjustable burner and can cook for about eight hours on a single charge.

It also comes with a charcoal grill, but that grill is much more expensive, costing $400.

If that sounds expensive, we’re not sure it’s worth it.

Best Small Stove for Kids This stove is the only stove we tested that doesn’t have a lid, and it doesn’t come with a hood.

This small stove, pictured here, has two cooking surfaces.

The first one is a flat surface with a wooden handle that’s about 1 inch high.

The second surface is a mesh grill with a ceramic base.

The top of the stove is covered with a plastic mesh that’s coated with a thin layer of wax.

When you heat up the charcoal, you get a small flame.

This stove has a cooking area of about 8 inches in diameter, and a capacity for cooking about five minutes.

It measures 2.4 inches tall, and 2.3 inches wide.

The stove has an average cooking time of six hours.

The Spark is the stove that came closest to the smaller stove in terms of size, but it has a bigger cooking area, a wider cooking area than the Solas, and an even bigger cooking surface than the Spark.

You’ll need a charcoal gr

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