Wood Canyon has become a national treasure thanks to the incredible natural beauty of its shores.

But its waters are also dangerously polluted, especially during the winter months, and it’s a popular spot for birders to hunt.

Wood Canyon’s water quality is so bad, officials recommend that you wear a mask, cover your eyes and wear long sleeves and a long-sleeve shirt.

“I think the best way to prevent contamination is to take precautions and be prepared,” said Mike Williams, a biologist with the US Forest Service.

“This is a dangerous time of year for these birds.

They are migrating and migrating up and down the coast of the state.”

If you’ve been to Wood Canyon, you know that the lake has been designated a National Recreation Area and is considered a national park.

However, it’s not as if the lake’s water is completely safe.

In recent years, the water quality in the lake, which is located just west of the city of Rock Springs, has become dangerously polluted.

According to Williams, the lake was one of the most polluted in the United States for a while, with the water level regularly rising above 10 feet above average.

“Wood Canyon Lake has seen a very high water level, and we have seen a lot of birding activity, and that’s been affecting the lake,” said Williams.

“There’s a lot going on in the water, but the lake isn’t always what it used to be.

It’s very sensitive to what’s going on out there, and this year has been especially bad.”

For years, officials have been concerned about the lake because of the increased birding, but they’re worried the lake may be going to the brink of extinction.

Last year, the US Fish and Wildlife Service recommended that Wood Canyon be closed to the public due to the elevated water levels.

“It’s not an easy decision to make because we want to protect the natural resources, but it’s also important for us to make sure that we are keeping people safe,” said US Fish & Wildlife Service regional manager, Bob Bock.

“We’ve been monitoring the water levels for a number of years and we know that they are well above average, but we’ve also seen significant increases in birding over the past couple of years.

It can take a while for the lake to recover, but with proper precautions and careful management, we believe that we will be able to keep it in good condition.”

So far, officials are monitoring the situation and are planning to close the lake in the coming weeks.

According the USFWS, they have not yet determined the fate of the lake.

“The USFWD will determine the fate and timing of the closure of the Wood Canyon lake, but will also take all necessary actions to protect other critical habitat,” said Bock in a statement.

“At this point, we are not considering closing the lake as we continue to monitor the situation.”

The USFWR is working with the county to assess the lake and determine how long it will be closed, and if it needs to be done more carefully.

“In order to ensure that we protect the critical habitat that exists on the lakefront, we will continue to work with the County and other relevant agencies to determine the best course of action,” Bock said.

“As soon as possible, we hope to be able and able to close Wood Canyon for the good of the environment.”

According to the US Department of the Interior, the Forest Service has also launched a survey of the area, and officials hope to complete it by the end of this month.

While the survey is not yet complete, officials say that it should be done this spring.

“Our goal is to have it completed by the beginning of the fall and then we’ll see if we can get it done before spring,” Bocks said.

The US Forest and Wildlife has been conducting a number wildlife surveys since 2012, and in that time they have found that the water in Wood Canyon is at an average of about 15 feet above normal.

The Forest Service recommends that people wear a face mask and cover their eyes when using the water for swimming, and they also recommend that people stay at least 10 feet away from wildlife and be on the lookout for other potential sources of contamination.

While it may seem like the area is safer than ever, the wildlife survey is still a good idea.

“That’s the best thing you can do to help keep wildlife out of the water,” said Chris DeCource, an expert on wildlife and water quality.

“If you’re not sure that you’re protected, you can go outside and be a good citizen and help your community stay safe.

Just make sure you’re using a good mask and a hat.”

If there is any chance that the wildlife in Wood Creek Lake might be affected by the increased pollution, it is important to use caution and wear a long sleeve shirt, long sleeves, long-shorts and long-soled shoes

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