A new type of stain designed to remove stains and give a rustic rustic look is in the works for a table that is set to take center stage at the 2018 Royal Woodland Art Festival in Woodside.

Wood Stain is the first of its kind in the world, with wood as its sole ingredient.

Its makers hope that the unique texture will lend it a more rustic, yet contemporary look that could appeal to a wider audience.

Wood Stain has already been used in the dining room and kitchen of a couple of luxury resorts, and is also used in outdoor furniture, including a deck chair and patio table.

The company plans to release the product in the U.S. next year.

The idea is to create a wood stain that can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

It could be used on wood floors and walls, or on metal, glass, wood and ceramic, and could even be applied directly to the surface itself, according to Wood Stain’s chief operating officer, Eric Pfeffer.

The company is offering two types of wood stain.

The first, called “Wood Stain for Black Wood,” will stain surfaces on wood surfaces, including tables, chairs and other furniture.

The second, called the “Wood Stains for Wood Side Table,” will be applied over wood, wood floors, and wood panels.

Pfeffer said that the two colors are meant to compliment each other.

The color palette includes rustic black, white, red and yellow, as well as natural woods such as mahogany and pine.

The stain is meant to be applied on wood with a light coat of stain and reapplied with a second coat.

The product is available for purchase at retailers nationwide.

Pfffer said it was difficult to create the stain that works for all wood surfaces.

For instance, the wood of a chair is usually not reflective enough, so the wood stain needed to be made with a reflective finish.

But the process can be made more efficient with a paint-on-the-surface technique, according Pfeffer.

Piles of wood are often treated with the stain for extra strength and durability.

Wood can be hard to treat and has a high rate of mold growth.

Pfefeffer explained that using the stain over a surface, he was able to create what is called a “smooth and uniform finish.”

“It’s the most efficient way to apply the stain, it doesn’t require a lot of water, so it can be used all the time,” Pfefer said.

The wood stain is applied with a brush that is placed under the table, where it dries quickly.

After the stain has dried, the stain is rubbed onto the surface, making it appear smooth.

Pflffers said that once the stain dries, it is easy to remove with a wet cloth.

Pflffer said the company is also developing the Wood Stains Black Wood stain, a more intense version of the Wood Stain.

It will be a “high-end” stain that will not stain surfaces that are too dark, he said.

Pffffer said the WoodStains Black wood stain will be available in three colors, black, dark and light.

PFLffers told ABC News that the product will be limited to just a few hundred pairs, but that it would have a larger number of colors if the company reaches out to distributors.

He also said the Black Wood Stained surface is not available in the United States, but is coming soon to Australia, Canada and other countries.PFLffer and WoodStain have a lot more to announce about their WoodStaints Black Wood product in 2018.

They also said that a new stain, Wood Stain Green, will be launched for use in the Woodlands Art Festival this month.

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