title Wood bats are one of the most popular animals to live in captivity, with millions of captive wood bats roaming the world.

But as the name implies, wood bats are often found in small numbers, and the species is often neglected or endangered.

In fact, according to an article published in the journal ZooKeys, Wood bats make up only a fraction of the 1.7 billion species of bats living in the wild.

To get to know the world’s remaining wood bats and get an understanding of their behavior, we invited a team of scientists from Harvard University, the University of Michigan and the Smithsonian Institution to study their habitat, behaviors and genetic diversity.

In this video, the team discusses their research.

Wood bats, or wood bat species, are small, mostly brown bats found in temperate and tropical regions.

Like many bats, wood bat females lay their eggs in a pouch that resembles a small egg.

The eggs are surrounded by a soft mat, which protects the eggs and protects the mother.

Wood bats mate with up to six females.

Each female bat lays a clutch of eggs that are laid in a similar location to the parent, which may be an open nest or a burrow.

The mat and eggs are also covered with mucus that protects them from predators and other insects.

Wood bat species also live in groups, and they have social hierarchies, where male bats dominate the group, and females may only have a single male.

The researchers collected the DNA of over 1,600 wood bat individuals, which included male and female wood bats from across the world, and collected DNA samples from individuals and the nest of several other species.

For the study, the researchers sequenced the DNA from each individual and compared it to the genomes of more than 1,500 wood bat populations.

For example, in the case of the female wood bat, the scientists sequenced more than half of the DNA in that individual.

In this case, the study identified the genetic variants that are associated with wood bat behavior and breeding success.

In addition to their genetic diversity, woodbat individuals also differ in their behavior and diet.

The researchers found that individual differences in food preferences could also be a contributing factor to wood bat success.

In order to better understand the genetics of the wood bat population, the authors created an artificial wood bat colony that mimicked a wood bat’s habitat and diet to better capture the species’ genetic diversity and to assess the genetic diversity of the species.

These results showed that the population is more closely related to wood bats than to any other species of wood bat in the world: over 1.5 million individuals have a similar genetic structure to the wood bats in the genus Araneae.

To find out more about the genetic differences between wood bats that live in the lab and those that live on the wild, the investigators sequenced each individual’s DNA to examine genetic variants and their relationship to wood species in the wood community.

They found that there are three distinct genetic variants associated with the genetic structure of the Wood bat.

The most important genetic variant was a single nucleotide polymorphism that is associated with a high proportion of female woodbat males.

The variant is called a haplotype.

The second variant, which is associated mainly with males, is a single copy of a gene that is very common in males, which can be detected in DNA samples collected from individual Wood bats.

The third variant is the single copy gene that occurs in only males.

These variants are associated primarily with males.

The researchers found the genetic variation of Wood bat populations in the laboratory to be the most diverse in the tree of life.

However, the woodbat species that live outside of the laboratory, such as the wood forest bats, are not represented in the study because their genetic structure is less similar to those found in the trees of life and because they do not breed or live in a laboratory.

For these reasons, the Wood bats that are found in captivity are not considered a representative sample of the world wood bat.

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