With all the video game consoles, laptops, and smart phones out there, how do you clean up after a gaming session?

Here are some tips to help.

(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from our new book “The Complete Guide to Cleaning Up Gaming and Gaming Households.”)


Don’t let the kids eat your favorite snacks The kids don’t like snacks and will eat anything that is crunchy or bitter.

The only way to make it okay is to use a non-stick pan, but make sure you clean it after every use.


Don´t wash your hands after using a controller When a game is being played, your hands will become coated with saliva, so it is best to wash your hand before and after using your controller.

You don´t want to put the controller in your mouth, so use a disposable razor or the back of a wash cloth.


Do not use the wash cloth on your face When you use a controller or your phone, make sure to wash both hands with soap and water.

You can also try a washcloth on the back or on your neck to avoid irritation.


Do NOT use the vacuum cleaner or the sponge to clean your console after using it.

It is important to rinse your hands before using any cleaning product.


If you have kids playing video games, wash your consoles with soap.

Do so before you use the console.


Use a mask if possible The only mask that works is a disposable one.

You should always use a clean mask.


Avoid using hot water to clean the consoles.

It can cause burns and irritation to the eyes.


Never leave a controller unattended and the controller should be protected by a case or something that can be thrown away.


Wash your hands thoroughly after playing with your console.

You will be glad you did.


Don`t use soap to wash the console after use.

It will also be easier to get bacteria on the consoles surface.


Avoid placing the console in a hot water bath.

You could also use a steam bath.


Don�t place the console under a desk or a table.


Use an antibacterial soap to protect the console, as well as any components and accessories.


Use gloves to protect your hands when using a console.


Clean the console surface before using a cleaning product or when the console is being used.


Wash any objects that are around the console that could be spilled or spilled onto the console during cleaning.


Wash hands after every game session or play session if possible.


Keep the console clean after every gaming session.


If a console is not properly cleaned, keep the console cleaned in a cool place for several days.


Clean up the console with a regular washcloth.


Avoid leaving the console unattended or under a table while gaming.


Always use a safe method to clean any console.


If cleaning the console becomes too difficult or messy, dispose of the console and the original box.


Keep your console in the original condition it was when it was purchased.


If the console has been cleaned up and the packaging is still in the box, you can reuse the packaging to resell the console or to recycle it. 26.

Do remember to dispose of any old items and anything that you use after the console was bought.


If it is possible to do so, leave the console alone for a few days to allow it to dry.


Never dispose of a console that is still on the shelf.


If any of these tips don’t help, contact your local gaming store.


If your kids are playing video game, the best thing to do is to teach them the rules of the game.

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