Cedar Wood, a luxury furniture store owned by the billionaire heir to the lumber industry, is a tax-exempt charity that has spent $200 million on charitable initiatives since its inception in 2006.

The organization, which is owned by family and friends, has been a top target of Donald Trump’s campaign for years, thanks to its lavish gifts to the Republican Party, the presidential candidate’s signature policy positions and the company’s controversial management of the lumber business.

While the company has largely remained in good standing, its political donations have been a hot topic in the campaign, particularly in the aftermath of the release of an internal video that showed its senior vice president, Doug Bostock, bragging about how he helped steer a $10 million contribution to Trump.

Bostocks job was to set up a private meeting between the candidate and his son Eric, who was then serving as an executive in the Trump Organization.

In the video, Bostocking told Eric Trump that he had helped orchestrate the $10,000 donation.

The video has been widely criticized by conservative groups and even the president himself, with Trump claiming that BostOCK “wasn’t there.”

However, BOSTOCK has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

On Monday, a group of Trump family members, along with several top officials in the Trumps business empire, including CEO Eric Trump and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, joined a coalition of more than 200 wealthy Trump family friends and business associates in calling for Bostons company to be shut down.

Trump also announced that he was appointing an outside legal counsel to lead the investigation into the charity.

According to a report from The New York Times, the group also wants the IRS to investigate Bostlock’s conduct as well as the company itself.

The group is asking for a federal investigation into “whether Bostlocks business has violated the law by failing to comply with the requirements of the Tax Code.”

Bostackons public affairs director, Steve Gossman, has repeatedly defended the charity, calling the investigation a “tough, honest and ethical effort to make sure the foundation is being properly managed.”

The charity, he told The Times, is “not a moneymaking operation, it is a humanitarian endeavor.”

Gossmans claim, however, has not stopped critics from accusing the company of giving money to political causes.

For example, The Washington Post reported that a group called “Cedar Wood for Trump” had spent $15,000 to buy $20,000 worth of furniture from Cedar Wood in support of a super PAC that was backed by the Trump family.

According for example to The Post, the campaign purchased a large bed, which had an American flag painted on it and a large white pillow with a picture of Eric Trump on it, for $2,000.

The Post also noted that the furniture company also donated $1,000 in cash to the American Action Network, a super-PAC backed by Eric Trump, in support.

The company’s donations to the PACs were made to a group affiliated with the Trumps eldest son, Donald Jr., who is a registered lobbyist for the company.

The donation was made as the group was still in the process of getting its registration with the IRS, which was required to allow it to receive tax-deductible donations from businesses.

The investigation by the charity and other groups into the company also revealed that Boads company has also been the target of an IRS investigation.

According the report, the company received a letter in July 2017 from an IRS special agent who asked if Boad was a person of interest for the agency’s tax exempt investigation of the company and its fundraising activities.

The agent said Boad had been the subject of “an investigation” involving “several individuals and entities” but didn’t provide further details.

According this report, Boad also donated to the National Rifle Association PAC in 2016, which endorsed Eric Trump.

According an AP report, an email obtained by the AP from a confidential law firm obtained by Politico in October revealed that the company had donated to a PAC supporting Eric Trump for the Republican National Convention in July of 2016.

The emails also revealed the tax exempt status of the $100,000 donations.

In response to a question about whether Bostanks charity should be considered a charity, the IRS replied, “No, it’s a tax exempt organization.”

In an interview with The Hill, Boster said the organization is still in good shape and that it has continued to do good work.

“We’re doing great,” he said.

“They don’t know about our work.

They don’t understand what we do.

They’re not aware of what we’re doing.”

He added, “The truth is, we’re still doing good.”

The tax-free organization has spent tens of millions of dollars on events and programs that are meant to highlight the value of the products the company makes and help its customers get the best price

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