In 1917, more than half of all U.N. peacekeepers had served on the Western Front.

But the Westerner’s military experience is almost exclusively the stuff of legends, and most of them, like the one in the Pulitzer Prize-winning book “The Purple Heart,” were born in the 1940s.

And the story of the Purple Helmets is one of military heroism, with a particular focus on the women who served alongside the men.

In his Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech, Pulitzer Prize winner and Pulitzer Prize recipient William Safire described the women as “a proud class” who “never forgot” their American soldier fathers, and who made it a priority to show the world that they were not afraid of death.

“I do not know if there are still more of these women in the world,” Safire said.

“They are brave and they are strong and they deserve to be remembered.”

But not all of them have the Purple Hearts they claim.

For those who did, the stories of heroism and sacrifice in battle are still largely untold, said Barbara Regan, author of “The Warrior’s Dream.”

“You see the stories all over the world.

We’ve heard stories about women fighting in the Middle East, we’ve heard about the heroic women in Vietnam, but these are not the Purple Heroes,” Regan said.

And Regan thinks that it’s not fair to say that women are treated as second-class citizens.

“It’s not something that we can just take for granted.

It’s not what we’re taught as women,” she said.

That’s why Regan believes it’s important to keep the stories coming.

“If you want to be a part of the history, you’re part of it,” Regar said.

She wants to make sure women’s stories are heard and made a priority.

“We’re not talking about a story that is over,” Reguim said.

In the early 1970s, Safire, who has written three books about the Purple Heroines, traveled to Iraq to tell the stories behind the soldiers’ exploits.

He says he didn’t realize how much he was changing the lives of soldiers until he met the women.

“There are a lot of women out there,” Safir said.

He’s hoping to return to Iraq in the near future.

“In my heart of hearts, I want to make this an issue for a presidential election,” he said.

Safire is one part of a small group of Purple Heroes who are seeking the Medal of Honor.

“This award has given me a chance to tell my story, and that’s why I want you to know that I’m willing to tell you about my story,” Safim said in his acceptance speech.

Safim is not alone in the way he tells his story.

Many of the women he met have given speeches and shared their stories online, and he says they’re eager to share their stories in a way that reflects the people they are.

“When you’re on the battlefield, your job is to protect your people, your country, your way of life,” Safime said.

Regan hopes that one day she will be able to tell Safire’s story.

“She’s the only one who has that experience and that story, but she’s not the only woman,” Regrime said, adding that she hopes to inspire others.

“Her story will be worth it,” Safie said.

They’re just a small part of that history.

For the women, Safir hopes that their story will inspire others, too.

“These stories are something that will be shared and talked about.

Safire believes that the future of the U”

Every time I look at this plaque, I think, How can I make that a reality?”

Safire believes that the future of the U

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