An article by a Times of Indians journalist on Monday, February 20, 1867, is the first in a series that chronicles the life and work of a wooden lathe.

The article was a landmark piece in the history of wooden furniture making in India.

The story is also the earliest recorded account of the use of a lathe for making wooden furniture.

Wood lathes, as they were called, were invented in the 19th century by an American businessman named Charles Wood.

His lathes could produce wooden furniture in a range of styles, from traditional, to modern, to contemporary, and from a variety of materials.

Wood lathes were manufactured in the United States by various companies, but Wood used the company in his quest to improve his business.

Wood used his own machine to cut the timber, which was then shipped to India for assembly in New York City.

Wood built the lathes in his own home in Chicago.

The lathes that he used in his Chicago shop were called wooden chairs.

They had handles for the wooden legs and feet.

Wood bought a lathes from the company he worked for in Chicago and later in New Jersey, where he continued to build them.

The wooden chairs that he manufactured were also used by the New York Times.

Wood’s work with wood lathes was an early example of the commercialization of woodworking.

The term “wood lathes” was coined in 1877.

Wood, who died in 1871, built the first wooden lathes outside of the United State in England.

Wood did not want to pay for them, so he made his own.

The first wooden chairs were produced in Chicago in 1868, which is when Wood purchased his company.

Wood made wooden chairs in New England and New York, where the lathe was first made.

He also created wooden tables in 1867.

Wood sold the company that he worked at to the U.S. government for $20,000 in 1875.

After Wood left Chicago, his son, Henry, started a small business that used his company’s wood products to make wooden furniture for sale in New Hampshire.

Henry and his brother, William, also built the wooden tables.

Wood purchased a new lathe from a New York company, which he used to make a range in 1873.

The machine was then sent to Wood’s Chicago shop.

Wood started making wooden chairs, as well as tables, chairs and stools.

The furniture he made for sale was sold to furniture makers across the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

He built a shop in London in 1874, where his shop now stands.

Wood designed the chairs, tables and chairs made by his company, and he later designed furniture for a variety.

In 1877, Wood was named a Fellow of the British Academy of Arts and Letters and was inducted into the British Hall of Fame.

Wood had a large following and was considered to be one of the best woodworkers in Britain.

Wood was a leading figure in the manufacture of wood products and in furniture.

Wood also built several other furniture stores, such as the Wood & Barrie Company, where wood was used in the construction of tables and other furniture.

He died in 1880, after a brief illness.

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