Los Angeles — The home Chris Wood and Elle Wood set to build in Los Angeles is a bit closer to reality.

The new home, which will include a gym, fitness center and pool, is the first home Wood has built in the Los Angeles area.

Wood said he has always wanted to build a home in L.A., and his latest project is the perfect fit for the city.

The Wood family purchased the Los Feliz property, which is adjacent to the Los Padres International Airport, in 2012.

Wood and his brother, Andy, started building homes for the family after moving from their home in San Diego, Calif., in 2000.

The Woods bought the property because of its proximity to the airport, Wood said.

“We wanted to have a place where we could have the opportunity to stay up late,” Wood said in a video posted on Facebook on Wednesday.

“And we wanted to live in a house that would look good, that would have a great yard and a good view of the ocean.”

Wood said the goal was to get a house to market quickly, so he didn’t want to rush the building.

He also said he wanted to take a little bit of time to complete the design before moving forward with the purchase.

“I’ve been working on this house for a long time,” Wood told the Associated Press.

“This was my first home.

I’ve done everything from the design to the actual construction to finishing the house.

I think it’s just a natural progression to this house, to be able to finally do this, and to be part of this community.”

Wood and his wife, Beth, purchased the property on July 31, 2017.

The couple have four children, and Wood said they hope to have another family member live in the house at some point.

“It’s a little closer to us, but we’ve always been very careful not to put a huge financial burden on our family,” Wood added.

Wood has worked with a team of local architects, and he said he hopes to begin building the house by the end of 2018.

Development Is Supported By

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