When the financial crisis hit in 2008, a new wave of artists began to emerge.

In the aftermath, Wood’s Wall Art is a collection of work that shows what his studio looks like today.

The work shows an artist’s studio with furniture and wall-art in different poses.

This is where he was when the financial meltdown hit.

Woods has been painting since his early 20s and has painted a large number of pieces for clients.

“The work was originally commissioned for my sister’s wedding in 2006,” he said.

I was commissioned for a business trip to New York in 2014.

I was really inspired by the people and the business and the people’s desire to make something that was going to last.

“”I thought the work would be pretty, but when you get to a certain point in your career you are like, ‘Oh my God, I have to sell it.

I have got to sell this, or I’m not going to be able to pay the bills.’

I thought this was a piece that I really wanted to sell.

“Woods was approached by clients for his work and was asked to paint their homes and offices for them.

He said the clients were really appreciative and thought they had something special.

His work includes artwork for the Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Zoo, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, the Australian Museum of Contemporary Art and the Royal Botanic Gardens.”

I have always loved drawing,” he told Financial Post.”

When I was young I always drew, but it was something I did a lot of at home.

I’ve always loved painting, so I was very inspired by artists who did this kind of work.

“Wood said he felt lucky to be approached by people like his father, who worked at the Royal Opera House.”

The Royal Opera was one of my first homes, and my dad was a huge patron and a huge supporter,” he recalled.”

He came to the house and painted his own house, and that was something really special for me.

“His work inspired me, and I think that’s what really made it special.”

Wood was contacted by a group of artists after his work was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

When asked if he had any advice for people looking to get into art, he said: “Just do it.

Do it.

And just keep at it.”

Wood has had some success.

Over the years, he has created many artworks for his clients. 

He said he was inspired to create his own works after he saw a friend’s art at a local gallery.

As well as selling the pieces, he also sold them online.

Since his artwork has been featured on the Herald website, it has been used as a platform to share information about his artworks.

However, Wood said the work was never about the money.

After all, his work is still meant to be decorative and has not become a profit-making business.

We are just living in a time now where you can have this kind in art,” he explained.”

We don’t need money, we don’t have it, but if you’re doing something you can still make a living from it.

“You can still have a family, you can enjoy yourself, you still have to work.

It’s still a piece you can sell.”

Wood has sold about 100 paintings and has been commissioned for work for the likes of the Sydney Olympic and Sydney Opera.

And he has had the support of his father who helped him get the first piece commissioned for his father’s wedding.

“It was a bit of a shock for him to find out that I’d made my own work,” he laughed.

But, he added, it’s a long way from his dad’s art.

Now, Wood is looking to make a career out of his art.

He said his father has been a regular visitor to his studio and has taught him some great business lessons.

“There’s a lot to learn,” he added.

“But the thing I’m really looking forward to is being able to be a part of this business that is going to change the way art is created.”

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