The company responsible for creating the wooden spoons that became a symbol of America’s pastime has been the subject of many lawsuits in the last several decades.

Since 2006, the Wood County Auditor’s Office has been investigating whether the company that makes them knowingly or unknowingly misled consumers.

The investigation began after the auditor’s office received a complaint from a woman who claimed to have had a wooden spoon that she believed was made by the company.

Wood County auditor’s director James Gebbia told the Associated Press that the investigation was focused on the wooden Spoon Company of Wood County, Michigan, which was owned by the firm that owns the Coca-Cola bottling plant in the city of Detroit.

Wood was the location for the company’s first bottling operations in 1871, and the company has operated in the area ever since.

The company has said it never advertised the wooden bowls as a gift.

But according to the auditor, the bowls were advertised as gifts in ads that were sent to Wood County residents who bought the bowls and mailed them to a warehouse in Detroit.

“This was done intentionally to create a false impression to people that they were getting a gift for Christmas,” Gebbi said in an interview with the AP.

The auditor’s investigation found that the advertisements included an advertisement in the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News from 1874.

One advertisement described a gift bowl with a wooden spool as a “spoon of the gods.”

In another ad, a woman asked a man to buy her a wooden bowl.

The ads included the slogan “Wood County Auditor of the year, 1912.”

The advertisement for the wooden bowl was in response to a question about whether the bowl should be made with wooden or porcelain spoons, the AP reported.

“A spool of the Gods” is a play on words for the song of the same name by the same artist, which translates as “God is great,” according to Wikipedia.

The wooden spoon was introduced in 1912 by the Wood-Mare Corporation, which made the first wooden spouts for the beverage industry, according to Gebba.

“They made the spouts and they had to get the bowls that were supposed to be for sale to people,” he said.

“So the people that were buying the bowls for Christmas had no idea what they were doing.”

The wood spoons were discontinued in 2013 after the company said it was being sued by the United States Department of Agriculture for misleading consumers.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Dan O’Brien, the former head of the Wood county auditor’s board who is now an attorney representing the former Wood County resident.

“You’re always dealing with these lawsuits.

You’re always looking at the bottom line.”

The lawsuits have been led by attorney Daniel Schoen, who is currently working with the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan on a class action lawsuit against the Coca Cola bottling plants.

Schoen said he believes the Wood counties lawsuit has been based on the same kind of false advertising he has been focusing on.

“The Wood County investigation was looking into how Wood County and the Woodville-based company that owns it, the Coca Co., sold the spoons and made them into Christmas gift baskets and how that was sold to the public,” he told the AP in an email.

“I believe that the Wood and Coca companies lied to people, they lied to the people they were advertising to.

They lied to those that were looking for a gift, they misled the people looking for that gift.”

The Coca Colas lawsuit also includes claims that the wood bowls were a gift to customers and were not actually gifts, according the Associated News.

“These were the gift baskets,” O’Briens attorney, O’Connor, told the Detroit-based newspaper.

“And they were not intended for use as a Christmas gift.”

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