How to change the name of your dog

This week, a friend asked me to change his dog’s name.The dog was named Jeeves.The name is a reference to the British comedy TV show “Jeeves and Wooster,” which is about two misfits who make it to the top of the social ladder.My friend and I were both very into the show and both grew […]

Faux wood hangers used to blind people at Woodsea Resort

A new generation of fake wood hanger used to hide the secrets of the afterlife is being tested in Australia’s worst forest fire in history.The latest research at Woodside resort near Adelaide, where the fire has raged for nearly seven weeks, has revealed that wooden hangers and other fake wood blinders were used to conceal […]

How the ‘Wooden Swing’ Came to Be

It all began in the fall of 2017 when my daughter, who is a professional artist and a photographer, noticed an abandoned wooden swing on her backyard.It was in poor condition and, in a very disorganized state.In the fall, my daughter found a local art teacher and asked him to help her restore it.After many […]

Why Is It Important to Make New Tiger Woods Tennis Shoes?

The Woods are getting ready to head out on their biggest tour of their careers and their new shoes are part of that.The company is also announcing new products for the tennis player and the family.A new generation of tennis shoes is just around the corner. But there’s more to the story than just tennis shoes. There’s […]

Wood wallpaper makes a huge difference

The world is increasingly using wood for wallpaper.But it’s not just about decoration.It also helps to keep water in your home and keep your home looking good.The World Health Organization recently issued a warning about the growing problem of water scarcity, especially in countries where wood is a major industry.According to the WHO, water scarcity […]

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