What you need to know about the lawsuit against the Tiger Woods age-of-consent law

Tiger Woods says he’s been cleared of a criminal charge that could have been a career-ending felony, but he says he’ll still have to pay a $20,000 fine.Woods says the charge, which was filed in February, was filed because of the “unreasonable” and “unlawful” manner in which he filed a sexual harassment complaint with the […]

Which Republican is the most racist on immigration?

It’s a good question.Republicans have been accused of racist behavior over and over again by liberal media and groups.The most recent example comes from an ad from the Tea Party Patriots, which asks, “Which Republican is most racist?”In this case, it’s the tea party’s own candidates, not the GOP nominee.The ad’s creators also claimed the […]

What you need to know about the Bears’ receiver corps

The Bears’ receivers aren’t exactly the most glamorous group in the league.They’re mostly making plays, not scoring touchdowns.That’s why it’s easy to overlook how impressive they have been in recent years.Here are five takeaways from Bears receiver Matt Forte’s second season as a full-time starter.1.They are a real threat to score big.In 2016, Bears wide […]

Why is there no wood lathing in the new Chelsea stadium?

A few weeks ago we wrote about the arrival of new Chelsea fans to the new stadium.They’ll be the first group of fans to use the new facility, as it will house a new stadium for the first time in history.But there’s a bit of a catch.According to the stadium’s website, wood lathes can only […]

How to clean up the kitchen after your kids play video game

With all the video game consoles, laptops, and smart phones out there, how do you clean up after a gaming session?Here are some tips to help.(Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from our new book “The Complete Guide to Cleaning Up Gaming and Gaming Households.”)1.Don’t let the kids eat your favorite snacks The kids […]

How to Make a Wood Bat Cage

title Wood bats are one of the most popular animals to live in captivity, with millions of captive wood bats roaming the world.But as the name implies, wood bats are often found in small numbers, and the species is often neglected or endangered.In fact, according to an article published in the journal ZooKeys, Wood bats […]

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