How to change the name of your dog

This week, a friend asked me to change his dog’s name.The dog was named Jeeves.The name is a reference to the British comedy TV show “Jeeves and Wooster,” which is about two misfits who make it to the top of the social ladder.My friend and I were both very into the show and both grew […]

How the ‘Wooden Swing’ Came to Be

It all began in the fall of 2017 when my daughter, who is a professional artist and a photographer, noticed an abandoned wooden swing on her backyard.It was in poor condition and, in a very disorganized state.In the fall, my daughter found a local art teacher and asked him to help her restore it.After many […]

Which wood signs have you spotted this month?

Posted by John P.M. on February 26, 2019 12:59:53In February, we’ll have to share the latest from our awesome wood signs community, as well as the newest updates on our wooden house project.This month we’re going to be focusing on the tiger woods update from minecraft.I was curious to see what the community had to […]

When it comes to Tiger Woods, there’s no other home like this

Woods, a nine-time major winner who owns the record for most major titles at 21, has made a home of his own for almost a decade.Woods, 61, was recently asked what he considers his favorite home.“I would have to say, Tiger Woods,” Woods said, according to Axios.The answer: a tree.His favorite is an 18-foot-tall pine […]

How the GOP has hijacked the election

In November, Mitt Romney and the GOP lost control of the House of Representatives and the White House to President Barack Obama, but the election has not yet been decided.In November 2012, Mitt’s party won 51 seats in the House, but Republicans held just a narrow edge in the Electoral College.In fact, Mitt lost the […]

How to break the chains of silence that prevents black women from talking about their own experiences

A new book by a black woman in New York City has been praised for helping to open up the conversation about how black women in America are treated and how we as a society are complicit in this treatment. Nomi Woods’ Black Women: Black Women and Black Stories in the American South has a subtitle […]

What you need to know about reclaimed wood

A new study has found that people are more likely to use reclaimed wood floors when it comes to living spaces.Researchers from Newcastle University in the UK have studied the effects of different types of wood floors on people’s wellbeing, finding that they have been found to improve wellbeing, and reduce stress levels.The study, which […]

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