What wood splitters are worth?

Wood splitter is a common type of planter and garden furniture.Wood splitters can be used as decorative objects and to provide a natural sound effect.They are used to create a pleasing sound and they can be made of various materials.Wood spitters are often used as decoration in many household items such as kitchen counters, and […]

Which company is responsible for the death of the wooden spoon?

The company responsible for creating the wooden spoons that became a symbol of America’s pastime has been the subject of many lawsuits in the last several decades.Since 2006, the Wood County Auditor’s Office has been investigating whether the company that makes them knowingly or unknowingly misled consumers.The investigation began after the auditor’s office received a […]

WATCH: Wood carving and carving tools are growing in popularity as the country gets ready for the holiday season

WATCH: Wooden blocks, wood planks and other woodworking tools are increasing in popularity among shoppers and home décor makers as the holiday seasons draw closer.Wood carving has long been a popular hobby in rural areas and has been growing since the 1970s.The craft has been especially popular in the Midwest, which has a long history […]

When wood tiles are fun: How to make a wooden coffee table

Wood tiles are a great way to make furniture and tables out of wood.Here are a few ways to get started.1.Wood tile blocks (1) Wood tiles can be made with the same basic technique as bricks, bricks are just a more difficult material to work with.But they have some great uses, including: 1.Making tables, chairs, […]

How to fix your Wood Splitter in under an hour

It’s not a common thing to find a wood splicer in your living room, but that’s exactly what happens to this one. This is the Woodsplitter from Woodworker Magazine that I’m referring to in this article. You may also like these Wood Splitter tutorials: How to fix a wood spindle for under $20 Wood splitter repair article If you’re looking to upgrade […]

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